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A glimpse of a Sophisticated Environment part 2

It's been more than a week since I posted my last outfit post here in my blog. I was being busy, sorry about that

So, yesterday is so surprising. For the first time, my mom woke us up early in the morning to go somewhere. Every weekend, my mom doesn't bother waking us up till 12 noon, I'm used to it anyway. My mom wanted to relax yesterday that's why she decided to take an early stroll around the mall. Ok, most of the other bloggers are curious on how malls in Riyadh looks like, if you want to find out, then I'm your girl. I took a lot of pictures yesterday,since only number of people tend to go shopping early in the morning, unlike in the Philippines.

We went to Faisaliyah.... a popular mall in Riyadh, beside the mall is the Faisaliyah tower it is actually a hotel, the picture isn't really mine, but I just want to share the view of this awesome tower. 

Sorry about my hair, I haven't got time to fix it at home, well, I went out with wet hair, so I only fixe…

Meet Me next to my Tribe

Sorry for the late post. I really don't have time to post my pictures here in my blog, especially now that I am back to school. I did posted this look in Lookbook first, for it was easier for me to eventually upload my picture there, as soon as I have it. So,my outfit is only grouped in my casuals, but although it's casual, I really love to put twists in it.  This is one of my best buys in New look's sale, I did said that on my last post.

This little dream catcher just caught my eye. I love how this accessory placed a sharp color on my outfit. 

 My braces pulled my smile off. 
I really love printed clothes, it shows my love for colors. Playful me.


Tribal Top from- New LookDream Catcher- American OutfittersShoes- AldoShorts- IconicBraided belt- American Aparell Hype my look Here.

A glimpse of a Sophisticated Environment

Since I've started blogging a month ago.. I want to show you my Home town. It's actually a stolen shot, for  some people her in Riyadh doesn't want that much exposure especially when it comes to public places. 
I was born here in Riyadh, and spent my 16 years being spoiled to Riyadh's goodness.  This is a clear shot of the Kingdom Tower, the tallest tower here in Riyadh, and going to it's top floor is one of my wishes. I will, SOMEDAY BABY. 
This is the place where we always tend to shop, it's full of branded clothing like, KOTON, H&M, NEW LOOK, ZARA and etc. Luckily, while everyone is having their Prayer time and that makes all the stores close for about 15-20 minutes, I did  take a picture of the other female shoppers. As you can see, they are all covered, but when you got that chance to see them without one, they are GORGEOUS. Sometimes you can see them inside bathrooms without those Abayas.

After the praying time, we requested PIZZA for dinner. The nea…

Tap Me Out

Outfit Post:
Todo ngiti lang :)
Sorry bout the messy braid, my braid can't hold the layered parts of my hair.
I made my look a little bit edgy.  Can't miss those butterfly prints on my top. love how the colors blend. See Through top- SplashRound Sunglasses- JadedShoes- Green Rose

Somehow Surviving

I have nothing left to do, since it's my last week of being away from school. So I did a little, fashion pictorial with my mom. I know she's a little busy, but I kept on bothering her to take a picture of me. 
Outfit Post: "Something Electrfying"

Mullet top- Splash CollectionSkirt- UMMNecklace- JadedAnkle High Heels- Milano

I love how my mother took this pic. I was only walking around then tried to pull my top up to give a more wavy effect.
My sister was being influenced. hahaha. I told her to try wearing her best clothes and have a picture with me.  I'll put it online so better be pretty. SHE DID. :)


Made this an improved vacation :)

The Palazzo Finale

Outfit Post:

After my summer class, we had a little program in which all students who attended the class performs something to show the improvement they made for the last month. :) Yup, I did a little knick knack to my wardrobe that day, for I have to change my clothes every 10 minutes depending on what I'll be performing next.
So I decided to wear something classy. Palazzo pants is the best. Comfy, and PRINTED. I love flower prints, dashes of colors and goes with everything. :) Palazzo Pants- RedtagHeels- ZaraBlazer- H&MSunglasses- Ray BanBraided belt- American Apparel


Neon dress- IconicElectric Blue mullet top- UMMSkirt- SplashRound sunglasses- Jaded
I love dangling earrings. I don't care how big they are, as long as it goes well with the outfit I'm wearing. I love those feather earrings. I bought some in H&M only for 5 SR or in PHP=50+. Those feather earrings usually come in pairs, but I tend to wear only one on my right ear. Dangling earrings is one of my options especially now that I'm used to tying my hair in a bun.  I've been waiting for this long sleeves to be on sale. FINALLY!  long sleeves- UMMBag- splash collection
This are the new clothes I bought from the month end sale in Centerpoint/Iconic. I have more, but I was in a rush taking pictures because it was already midnight. :)