• Neon dress- Iconic
                • Electric Blue mullet top- UMM
                • Skirt- Splash
                • Round sunglasses- Jaded

I love dangling earrings. I don't care how big they are, as long as it goes well with the outfit I'm wearing. I love those feather earrings. I bought some in H&M only for 5 SR or in PHP=50+. Those feather earrings usually come in pairs, but I tend to wear only one on my right ear. Dangling earrings is one of my options especially now that I'm used to tying my hair in a bun. 
I've been waiting for this long sleeves to be on sale. FINALLY! 
                • long sleeves- UMM
                • Bag- splash collection

This are the new clothes I bought from the month end sale in Centerpoint/Iconic. I have more, but I was in a rush taking pictures because it was already midnight. :)


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