Mapua At 89

Not an outfit post. But definitely something I want all of you guys to know. It's the 89th Year of Mapua Institute of Technology (the school that I am in). So, this was held yesterday and everything's really amazing, and one of a kind. Take that compliment from the girl who survived 17 years in Riyadh, and never did experience such a wonderful environment, all in pure Filipino Theme.

The event started by giving Mr. Atom Araullo, Kimpoy Feliciano, Ms. Bianca Gonzales, and the Umagang Kay Ganda crew who covered the event a warm welcome. Lots of girls were desperate getting  pictures of these cuties. I must admit, I'm one of those desperate girls. 

I mean, look at what I'm talking about. hahah. 

The Mapua Drum Corps making us feel the real Mapuan spirit.

 After the whole fangirling thing, and being with the crowd, there comes the outcomes of the sleepless nights for each school in MIT. Well, just look at the floats they made just for this event. Aren't they beautiful? As far as I know, each School has their very own float for the parade. And each float was done wonderfully. The picture below was done by the AR-ID-BE school. MY SCHOOL!

I've never seen anything like this before. Thanks for getting me out of the sandbox. hahaha

Don Mapua's Higante

So the awkward picture of me above, is actually one depressing moment, when I told my block mate to take a picture of me with this pink Higante for me to show the world, but then, he ended up taking a picture of me alone (picture below)
I love the picture anyway. hahaha. Thanks Eli. 
 And it's time to show the whole Intramuros, what lies beneath the homeworks and the 5s (lowest grade in Mapua) and the Maths. It's time to show off the true Mapuan spirit outside the campus. 

See how the place was packed? See how the Mapuans (Mapuan Students) conquered the entire place?

We've been shouting AR-AR- AR-ID-BE! while on the parade. Well, each school does that. 
So, after the parade, there comes the Filipino games and the Sayaw ng lahi, or the presentation of different cultural dances in the Philippines, by different schools (courses). 

Mapua's Foundation week day 1, ended up with this. 
One breathtaking fireworks display. 

Finally enjoying my life in here. Welcome to your new Alma-Matter Jean. And thanks for enjoying my very first post about it. 


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