The Perfect Match

First week of review for UPCAT. Just like an ordinary school day, but only the fourth year students is going to be in school so early in the morning till the afternoon. 5 days of school is going to be 6 for the next 13 weeks. 

 After the nerve breaking review, I asked Sir Kess to take some pictures. I do think he dreams of being a photographer someday. So ,while I'm enjoying our school's colorful background, I was posing and doing photographs while I'm still there and wearing my simple casual clothes.
Since it's just school, I don't want to make it so dressy. So I went to the comfy ones that won't bother me while I'm busy studying for Advanced Math. Suede flats, khaki pants, and a pink lace top plus the Mixture of different shades of brown on my bag and the feather necklace.
 The orange and the blue bracelet just kinda put and edge to it. I don't want to remove it whenever I'm in school. Their like my lucky charms.
The shoulder of the top is soooo gorgeous. It's the twist of my over all outfit.

You've seen the entrance of my Alma Mater. Cool right. Spray paints and everything different compared to other international Schools. :) I'll be in the Philippines soon. I think no school will beat this.
            • Pink Suede Doll Shoes
            • Lace top from Posh
            • Pink Belt from Adore
            • Feather Necklace from American Eagle Outfitters
            • Bag from Emporio Armani
            • Pants from 2Extremz
Credits to: Sir Kess Manahan :) Thank you Mr. Photographer + Teacher 


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