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Printed Cut

And I'm blogging once again hahaha. HI! So, I was in Tarlac the past few days for my cousin's wedding.   The wedding was held in San Sebastian church in Tarlac. You'll completely love the ambiance of the church, and you'll honestly love how the wedding was so solemn, and all you'll be hearing is the live band singing "Till I met you" as the beautiful bride walks down the aisle. 

All I can say, is that the wedding was perfect. It even rained after the ceremony. Their wedding was truly blessed. 

After the wedding, I decided to take pictures for my blog.  So, let's not mind the picture below because it looks awesome (for my opinion) hahahah

Nothing's more eye catching than random prints on someone. I have this dress for a long time already, and I just decided to wear it at this event. I honestly thought it was ugly when I saw it inside my closet. But then, I tried it on, and I think it's gorgeous. It's not that showy type, but more of a cons…

With Love

And I'm once again, back! hahaha. Enough with the busy architecture student stuff. I got 2 more weeks left, and I'm planning to do more blog posts this summer before the start of classes. 
I attended my niece's Recognition day in Colegio San Agustin in Binan awhile ago, and honestly, everything that's "in" when it comes to clothing these days (sleeveless, skirts, short dresses) are actually against their rules. So, instead, I did stick to the semi-formal dress code, and as usual, with a freaking twist. hahaha
Please. Understand me. hahah The photos was taken after the event. Had a great time in Alabang town center as well!..... the heat tho.
This is what I posted in LookBook. Hype! ;)

Casual to classy indeed ;)  A nude lace top plus heels = perf. Typical chic outfit, but here in this place, no one could really walk the streets with heels like these. And honestly, it's HARD! hahah. And I forgot to bring flats. 

Nude stilettos from New LookJeans from ZaraLa…