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I wanna Save You Tonight

"I can't be no Superman, before you I'll be Superhuman, I wanna save you Tonight" One direction song for this post guys. haha

Fierce and edgy look huh? So here it is. I stayed in Tarlac the past few days, and I took the chance to have my next outfit post in here for you guys.  Since tees are trendy and super duper comfy, I wore one my favorite and paired them with this awesome shorts. Look who's got the street and the bad ass style now?

Why not enjoy walking around with such comfy outfits like this. Turn the level up by adding cute knee high socks or leather boots. Trust me, it'll be extra edgy if I were you. haha

 See how the shorts added a big effect on the over all outfit?
This pic is somehow unusual for me. hahah. But the angle was great, a perfect whole body shot. 

Superman Tee from SM Ankle high Boots from H&MShades from Jaded