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Bloggers United 5 Finally!

Missed Bloggers United 1, 2, 3, and 4, because I was in Riyadh. And nobody knows how desperate I am to go to the Philippines and see other famous bloggers.  Until... JUNE 1, 2013

The place was packed! Everyone was really ready to get their selves in their shopping mode. 

Magno's stand. Obviously because of the patterned sweaters, shoes and tops. Pattern kings I must say. 
Talk about free makeovers inside the venue.  GODIVA!

Guess who? It's Dani Baretto! She is gorgeous. And the accessories she's been selling are just edgy. Hoping to see more of her stuff on the next Bloggers United. 

Look! Aivan Magno's stand. Unfortunately, I haven't got a picture of myself with him yesterday. But I did have picture with his HANDSOME bro. Them Pattern kings!

He was friendly and everything. Hoping to see him soon. Such a cutie! In love with this blogger. From outfit, to guts and attitude. Now a fan of the Magno Bros. Next time, I'll have a picture with AIVAN MAGNO! Straight to…

How I went for Vintage in Manaoag

Had a roadtrip to Tarlac to Manaoag in Two days straight.  It was an awesome trip by the way. Being exhausted and tired for two days is just WORTH IT.  So, this is a shot from my grandfather's farm. Isn't it lovely?
And from Tarlac, we visited Manaoag!
First time in Manaoag, Philippines. Had an awesome road trip with my whole fam.  Well, we didn't stay there for long. We just had a visit to the Miraculous church.

I only got snapshots of the view from outside the church since it was a holy place and taking a picture inside the church seems to be disrespectful. But yes, the church was really antique, and as for the first timer like me to visit this miraculous church in Manaoag.. I must say it was vintage and AWESOME.
So let's go with what I wore.  Since the theme of that place was more likely to be Vintage and antique I didn't want to put much colors in my outfit. But yes, it was still edgy. It's my first time to blog about me having a vintage theme and outfit  a…