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Loving You Is Red

I've already posted this outfit in Lookbook. Sorry for the late post in my blog, internet problems. 
So let's move on. Another Taylor Swift song inspired me. Red it is. I'm having so much fun wearing clothes with a touch of red. I mean who does not like red, it makes your skin look fairer because of its wicked color, for short, IT'S HOT HOT HOT. Especially for those who wears red lipstick, so gorgeous. 
As you see in this photo, I did use red lipstick. Anne Curtis ang peg. It's not that I'm trying to be like Anne, but red really gets anyone's attention. I admit, that in most of my outfit posts, I really don't like wearing heavy make up, sometimes I don't really wear make-up at all. But my dearest red lipstick might to the trick, in fact, my lips are kinda pale so I needed to.  An open park in Riyadh, a place where I can wear casual clothing without abaya ( the black thingy ladies should wear when they are in public) 

The floral printed scarf is the…

Dancin' Dancin Like we're made of Starlight

So inspired of Taylor Swift lately. So this day I put her song in action. Well, not literally in action, maybe this song just made me wear this outfit. A perfect song for a perfect outfit and for a perfect day indeed :) I had this American Flag legging for about a month or two, I just don't know when I can wear it. Since It's the last week of our review classes, I decided to wear it out. No more hesitations. My classmates enjoyed singing the American national anthem while I walk because of my leggings. That was just hilarious.
Since my friends and I came to school early today, my friend took the photos for my outfit post. Credits to Evette Christine Gaela. Love lots hon :* your skills are just amazing. (a compliment over here Evette) 

 Ohhhh wedges, comfy, simple and stylish, even looks better than super high heels. I can't wear heels in school, no other option. hahaha. Those wedges looks like Tom's in a closer view. 

Denim Vest from StradivariusAmerican Flag leggings …

Red And Plaid

Working on my winter looks right now. Winter can already be felt here in my country , just going to wait till November the month where I'm going to freeze. 

As simple as this look, everyone can have the comfiest and stylish outfit.  Perfect for school, work and casual events. Red really defines formality. Pair it with long sleeves, plaids or maybe anything, and you're good to go. 
Shoes from AldoRed bottoms from H&MPlaid polo from BurberryTop from Nexus

 Next week, my blog will give you more outfit posts, vacation is coming. More free time for me to blog. Except for the fact that I'm going to take UPCAT this November. Just enjoy backreading guys.

Denim On them Denim On me

I'm back guys. Sorry for not posting here in my blog for 1 and a half week. Exams are going on and I'm quite busy. Today is my 2nd day of exams and after this week, another exam will be given. But I'll never bring my viewers down, so here's another outfit post for you. Happy scrolling :)

If you started backreading through all my post, I'm used in wearing H&M brand. It actually fits me and my style, I enjoy wearing comfy clothes like this. Stylish, edgy but SUPER COMFORTABLE. 
The leader sides on my skirt and the denim vest works out perfectly. It's like wearing typical clothes, but I know you can't see girls my age wear this kind of stuff because of the fear of mixing and matching. Well girls, I DARE YOU, and it'll work perfectly fine. You'll love the outcome. :) 

 Cuffs from H&M Denim Vest from Stradivarius FAKE ring from Claire's Black ring fromJaded Leather sided skirt fromH&M Metal Collar from H&M

Hype this HERE 

Simply Carry On

Hi fellow school girls.. Hope you're enjoying my blog lately. Another outfit post incoming.  Simplicity is beauty, and all girls should put that in mind. You can be simple yet beautiful :)