Denim On them Denim On me

I'm back guys. Sorry for not posting here in my blog for 1 and a half week. Exams are going on and I'm quite busy. Today is my 2nd day of exams and after this week, another exam will be given. But I'll never bring my viewers down, so here's another outfit post for you. Happy scrolling :)

If you started backreading through all my post, I'm used in wearing H&M brand. It actually fits me and my style, I enjoy wearing comfy clothes like this. Stylish, edgy but SUPER COMFORTABLE. 

The leader sides on my skirt and the denim vest works out perfectly. It's like wearing typical clothes, but I know you can't see girls my age wear this kind of stuff because of the fear of mixing and matching. Well girls, I DARE YOU, and it'll work perfectly fine. You'll love the outcome. :) 

            •  Cuffs from H&M
            •  Denim Vest from Stradivarius
            •  FAKE ring from Claire's
            •  Black ring from Jaded
            •  Leather sided skirt from H&M
            •  Metal Collar from H&M

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