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I'm back guys! Sorry for not posting for almost a month. My new set of clothes are now in the Philippines, and I haven't got the time to blog them before. Well, for now, I'll be starting to blog more quirky and casual clothes.  And by the time I'll be home in the Philippines, I'll be blogging more frequently. Hope college life won't be that hard like they say.  Summer is coming, but here in Riyadh, after one week of what we thought is summer... disappeared, it's really cold in here again. I don't really get the weather in here, it's just bipolar. So, for me not to get worried about my outfit when it comes to changes of weather, I chose to wear more casual summer and winter pieces together. 
Jeggings, are so perfect. Comfy and flexible. I mean, who wouldn't like jeggings at the time like this? Casual and edgy. Especially when it comes to the colors and texture. It's awesome!

I just love to wear cardigans and boleros. I just can't live wi…