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It Ain't The End Of The World

I posted this outfit in Lookbook almost a week ago. And I only had the time to make an outfit post in my blog today. Sorry for the late post :) By The Way. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Because of this ridiculous belief of the Mayans that made our December thrilling, and since it's my last year here in Riyadh to celebrate Christmas, I was able to wear whatever I want in our school. Well, it's actually a Holiday Party, so we can wear civilian that day.
This winter, I prefer knits. Not that it's trending, but it's warm, cozy, and a fashionable item too. Easy to accessorize and it goes with either jeans or shorts. A+ 

Yup, I'm actually free to wear wedges in school. And it isn't that a big of a deal for it isn't that obvious, boot type wedges are awesome. :)  

My friends = awesome photographers  They took my outfit shots with their wonderful cameras. 5 stars for my photographer friends. 

Knitted top from RedTagArm Candies from New LookSuede brick red boots

In the Cosmic Prospective

It's freezing in here, but it wouldn't stop me to wear simple and warm outfits.  So the color of the outfit that I am wearing in the photos are the basics. Nude colors are so typical, but pairing them with dark colors makes it classy.
See how the colors work? The blue top removes the boring part in the outfit. It actually made the look more formal. Wearing it this way, and making the natural colors more edgy, can make the whole look perfect for any occasions. 

So, what do you think?
Nude Suede Shorts from H&M BasicsSee Through Top from NexusChain Necklace from H&MNude Heels from Paprika