It Ain't The End Of The World

I posted this outfit in Lookbook almost a week ago. And I only had the time to make an outfit post in my blog today. Sorry for the late post :)
By The Way.
Because of this ridiculous belief of the Mayans that made our December thrilling, and since it's my last year here in Riyadh to celebrate Christmas, I was able to wear whatever I want in our school. Well, it's actually a Holiday Party, so we can wear civilian that day.

This winter, I prefer knits. Not that it's trending, but it's warm, cozy, and a fashionable item too. Easy to accessorize and it goes with either jeans or shorts. A+ 

Yup, I'm actually free to wear wedges in school. And it isn't that a big of a deal for it isn't that obvious, boot type wedges are awesome. :)  

My friends = awesome photographers 
They took my outfit shots with their wonderful cameras. 5 stars for my photographer friends. 

              • Knitted top from RedTag
              • Arm Candies from New Look
              • Suede brick red boots



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