"Roar" inspired theme for this outfit post. 
So, I wore this outfit when I went to Batangas last Christmas. See how the background and the outfit compliment each other? 

Sorry for the awkward pose, at the top photo. I didn't mean to. hahaha.

 I honestly fell in love with the cardigan that I'm wearing. Who wouldn't? classy cardigan + awesome camouflage details? I could marry this one! hahaha
 And another awkward pose. for you guys. hahaha.
 Perfect kicks for the theme and the whole outfit as well.  
 And a perfect solo photo of my camouflage cardigan. Be inlove!
              • Cardigan from Terranova
              • Boots from Terranova
              • Top from Zara
              • Leggings from Red Tag (K.S.A)
              • Sunglasses from Jaded (K.S.A)


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