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Doesn't Matter

It's been a really really messed Up week.. 7 Days of torture... 7 Days of Bitter..
Oops.. enjoying that song lately.. Tonight Tonight by Hot chelle Rae..  Another week has gone by. Sorry for not posting any outfit posts last Thursday. I was not in the mood to dress good in school that day. I was sick and tired the day before. So I wanted to make up to you guys.  Say hello to this different look once again. I don't really wear dresses, but I can kick the hell out of skirts. I love pleated skirts, because it goes with anything :)

Wearing this kind of clothing makes you stand out.  It's also perfect for formal events because of its color.

 By the way, I did not dress like this because of outfit posts, it's because I just need to. Today is the Eid Al Fitr Holiday in Riyadh. I am a Catholic, but we're celebrating it just for fun and be like the rest of our Arabian neighbors. So, the real week of fun in our vacation, is definitely going to start today. 
Wearing cuffs for…

The Vintage Traveler

Had fun in school today.. This outfit revealed the energetic and adventurous side of me.   My outfit is just simple and quirky.. I mean.. super quirky. It's just a vintage tee paired with simple bottoms. I really did enjoy my golden studded detachable collar and my shoes. That gave my outfit a dramatic effect. 

Vintage Tee - Sol'sStriped pants - H&MCollar - Splash

Orange and Quirky

Just got home from UPCAT review class. Hunger games is striking inside the classroom that day. Only three people bought food, the rest is starving.... Everybody looks funny when they try to ask each other for food. Luckily .. the boys tried to buy food from the nearest mini market.. AND THEY DID BROUGHT FOOD... I'M A HAPPY KID AGAIN..

Enough with stories, my outfit is so ORANGE-Y :) It's like a mixture of a neon orange skirt and a simple orange blazer. Perfection. 
 Another pair of fashionable clothes I got from a sale. SOOOO HAPPYYY indeed...
 The top is also one of my Hot Pick in H&M last 2 weeks. I can't really get over it. My first ever corset.

Wearing summer colors makes you feel so relaxed and inspired. Besides, wearing clothes with these colors will seek more attention :) WELL, IT'S WORTH IT..

Orange Blazer from FreezeWedges from TatraPleated skirt from FreezeCuffs from H&MNecklace from H&M

Break Free

Went swimming after class. I did not regret going home late because of swimming, I haven't even finished my book report that day. I don't even know why I am so tired all of the time. So, maybe this day made my life more refreshing and yes, I did break free.

As simple and and as quirky as my look, is the peace I never had. I need to take rest. I want sleep. (I REALLY DO). 
This look is full of knits and knots. Every sleeve have that neon pink tassel design to make the top tighter. Inside my top is a floral sleeveless. Sorry, I did not have a shot of me wearing the sleeveless. It's a bit windy outside,  it's awkward if you'll wear that without the white top.
 I love my flats. It's pink and comfy, one of my hot picks. 
 Me and my henna tattoo, it will be gone by tomorrow I swear. The henna faded because I stayed in the water for too long. 

Top from IconicMaong shorts from TerranovaFlats from Bazaar