Doesn't Matter

It's been a really really messed Up week.. 7 Days of torture... 7 Days of Bitter..

Oops.. enjoying that song lately.. Tonight Tonight by Hot chelle Rae.. 
Another week has gone by. Sorry for not posting any outfit posts last Thursday. I was not in the mood to dress good in school that day. I was sick and tired the day before. So I wanted to make up to you guys. 
Say hello to this different look once again. I don't really wear dresses, but I can kick the hell out of skirts. I love pleated skirts, because it goes with anything :)

Wearing this kind of clothing makes you stand out.  It's also perfect for formal events because of its color.

 By the way, I did not dress like this because of outfit posts, it's because I just need to. Today is the Eid Al Fitr Holiday in Riyadh. I am a Catholic, but we're celebrating it just for fun and be like the rest of our Arabian neighbors. So, the real week of fun in our vacation, is definitely going to start today. 

Wearing cuffs for this outfit is A+. Light and simple.
              • Cuffs - H&M
              • Ring - Parfois

              • Detachable collar - Iconic
              • Top - H&M

              • Shoes- Bazaar
It's the end of Ramadan, I can finally eat everywhere. It's just that malls will be closed for days because of vacation. It's like Christmas in here too....



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