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The Perfect Match

First week of review for UPCAT. Just like an ordinary school day, but only the fourth year students is going to be in school so early in the morning till the afternoon. 5 days of school is going to be 6 for the next 13 weeks. 
 After the nerve breaking review, I asked Sir Kess to take some pictures. I do think he dreams of being a photographer someday. So ,while I'm enjoying our school's colorful background, I was posing and doing photographs while I'm still there and wearing my simple casual clothes.
Since it's just school, I don't want to make it so dressy. So I went to the comfy ones that won't bother me while I'm busy studying for Advanced Math. Suede flats, khaki pants, and a pink lace top plus the Mixture of different shades of brown on my bag and the feather necklace.
 The orange and the blue bracelet just kinda put and edge to it. I don't want to remove it whenever I'm in school. Their like my lucky charms.
The shoulder of the top is soooo …

Ramadan Funooz Festival 2012

I wanted to share what Ramdan here in Riyadh feels like. It's not just an occasion for Muslims to celebrate..and it's not only an event where people are not allowed to be seen eating outside in the morning. It's also fun. So, here's a post where I'll change your Point of View when it comes to Ramadan.

One of my neighbors invited me to enjoy their sponsored Ramadan Feast in Cave park. So right after school, I just changed my clothes and go straight ahead to the Feast.

 This is the tea area.. most of the guests are invited to drink tea inside and relax.... breezy right?  So here we are, the cave park entrance. It's colorful that day.. all the subject areas are covered with colorful long cloths and mini lanterns are hanging across the trees..

 While it's early, I tried to do a little picture taking for  my outfit. You shouldn't expect me wearing shorts outside the house, that'll be a total disaster. So I tried wearing comfortable yet a high fashion casual …

Navy and Rust

One of my best friends gave me a late birthday gift. I was actually so excited to open it that very day. Well, I was not expecting gifts from any of them this year.. but it's actually worth the wait. Thanks a lot Ralph.Love love.

Since I've got no more place for me to take a picture, I actually combined those dusty old water gallons and made up a photo booth. It's a little dusty outside due to the sandstorm but it actually became an advantage for me to add effects on my pictures. Forget about the rusty old bikes behind me, it's where I got this outfit post's name.
Denim dress- American eagle OutfittersBoots- ZaraCuffs and tassel earrings - H&M

"Denim and Rust"     As simple as this outfit lies the simple side of me. 
Credits to my sister taking all my pictures.

My Sweet Sixteen (Part 1)

Woke up so early in the morning, we're going to have lunch with the rest of my family members since Friday is the only day they have their Day off, and yes, most of them works in the hospital.

Since tomorrow is my Birthday, we tried to pull off the date of celebrating it, to a day where most of my Family members are available.. AND FRIDAY IT IS...

I'm so In love with my Blueberry Cheesecake mom made for me.. It actually have the name of my blog on top..  except for the part that she missed "D" after unnotice.. but still.. I LOVE IT :"> 

My birthday celebration is as simple as my outfit. I'd choose patterns over anything else. I'm a gaga over prints. 
So for a simple outfit, I did wear my new Aztec Designed top, it's actually printed with my favorite colors. I want it to be more edgy, so instead of putting the top down, I tied it so it will be more fitted on the lower part of my top. I wanted to look comfy but stylish, so I paired it with denim sho…