Ramadan Funooz Festival 2012

I wanted to share what Ramdan here in Riyadh feels like. It's not just an occasion for Muslims to celebrate..and it's not only an event where people are not allowed to be seen eating outside in the morning. It's also fun. So, here's a post where I'll change your Point of View when it comes to Ramadan.

One of my neighbors invited me to enjoy their sponsored Ramadan Feast in Cave park. So right after school, I just changed my clothes and go straight ahead to the Feast.

 This is the tea area.. most of the guests are invited to drink tea inside and relax.... breezy right?
 So here we are, the cave park entrance. It's colorful that day.. all the subject areas are covered with colorful long cloths and mini lanterns are hanging across the trees..

 While it's early, I tried to do a little picture taking for  my outfit. You shouldn't expect me wearing shorts outside the house, that'll be a total disaster. So I tried wearing comfortable yet a high fashion casual look.  Stripe pants and See through polo it is.
I decided to wear comfy shoes since I know that I'll be walking around and around for hours. So I wore my H&M DIVIDED shoes. It's so comfy and stylish at the same time. A+

Photographs taken by different Saudi Photographers. 


I was playing around the bouncy house that night. No children are playing in there, so I grabbed the chance to play with my sister and her friends.

A picture with mini handmade paper mache saudi  people.

A full view of my home town, Riyadh K.S.A. Isn't the city lights amusing? I'll consider this a fun Ramadan.
            • Stripe Pants from H&M
            • Shoes from H&M
            • Necklace from American Eagle Outfitters
            • See through polo from Nexus



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