Mga Kuneho

I'm blogging about my org, and my love for the theater.

Mapua Tekno Teatro (The official theater group the Mapua Institute of Technology) is going to celebrate the end of their 13th year)

Mapua Tekno Teatro presents: MGA KUNEHO

Written by: Guelan Luarca

Directed by: Kiki Baento

August 5 (Tuesday) & August 6 (Wednesday)

10:30am-12nn & 1:30-3:00 pm

At seminar room, 4th flr. Main bldg, Mapua Intramuros



In exchange for four million pesos each five clueless men are hired by a mysterious employer to accomplish an inanely simple task: to transfer loaded body bag from one room to another. But suddenly, they find themselves locked inside a metal room, and forced to fight for survival when an absurdly murderous written instruction from their employer surfaces. Will they succumb to the idiocy of compassion and humanity, or rise to the challenge of instinct and cunning?


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