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Since Life has Told me To.

I'm just tired of being ordinary. I had enough of those dramas. So I tried to stay out the black and white proportion I was stuck into. I was said to be boyish before, but it's because I was exhausted on being somehow that kind of girl they thought I was. And now, as my life gets a little boring, staying in front of the computer almost 12 hours each day without any improvement can't help me get out this proportion. So this is what encouraged me to get into the fashion blogging thing. I don't really expose my vain side, so maybe blogging might help :) what can I do. YOLO right?

OUTFIT POST:  "SOMETHING OUT OF THIS WORLD" This is the first picture my mom has taken using my DSLR, my first outfit I did put in tumblr, and the third pic I uploaded in Lookbook. 

Printed Beach wear from H&M. Sunglasses from RayBan.Cuffs from Jaded. Wedges from Tatra. Blazer from Only.
It's actually just a simple outfit for summer. I love how comfy it is when you actually wear…