Navy and Rust

One of my best friends gave me a late birthday gift. I was actually so excited to open it that very day. Well, I was not expecting gifts from any of them this year.. but it's actually worth the wait. Thanks a lot Ralph.Love love.

Since I've got no more place for me to take a picture, I actually combined those dusty old water gallons and made up a photo booth. It's a little dusty outside due to the sandstorm but it actually became an advantage for me to add effects on my pictures. Forget about the rusty old bikes behind me, it's where I got this outfit post's name.

            • Denim dress- American eagle Outfitters
            • Boots- Zara
            • Cuffs and tassel earrings - H&M

"Denim and Rust"
    As simple as this outfit lies the simple side of me. 

Credits to my sister taking all my pictures.  


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