My Sweet Sixteen (Part 1)

Woke up so early in the morning, we're going to have lunch with the rest of my family members since Friday is the only day they have their Day off, and yes, most of them works in the hospital.

Since tomorrow is my Birthday, we tried to pull off the date of celebrating it, to a day where most of my Family members are available.. AND FRIDAY IT IS...

I'm so In love with my Blueberry Cheesecake mom made for me.. It actually have the name of my blog on top..  except for the part that she missed "D" after unnotice.. but still.. I LOVE IT :"> 

My birthday celebration is as simple as my outfit. I'd choose patterns over anything else. I'm a gaga over prints. 

So for a simple outfit, I did wear my new Aztec Designed top, it's actually printed with my favorite colors. I want it to be more edgy, so instead of putting the top down, I tied it so it will be more fitted on the lower part of my top. I wanted to look comfy but stylish, so I paired it with denim shorts and FLATS.. yes. FLATS WILL ALWAYS DO GOOD WHEN IT COMES TO COMFORTABLENESS.

              • Shades - New Look
              • Flower Ring- Iconic
              • Cuffs - H&M
              • Top - Iconic
              • Denim shorts- Terranova
              • Pink Suede doll shoes
              • feather earring- H&M
              • Neon Blue belt- Iconic
Perfect sweet sixteen outfit = Perfect sweet sixteen life :)


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