Break Free

Went swimming after class. I did not regret going home late because of swimming, I haven't even finished my book report that day. I don't even know why I am so tired all of the time. So, maybe this day made my life more refreshing and yes, I did break free.

As simple and and as quirky as my look, is the peace I never had. I need to take rest. I want sleep. (I REALLY DO). 

This look is full of knits and knots. Every sleeve have that neon pink tassel design to make the top tighter. Inside my top is a floral sleeveless. Sorry, I did not have a shot of me wearing the sleeveless. It's a bit windy outside,  it's awkward if you'll wear that without the white top.

 I love my flats. It's pink and comfy, one of my hot picks. 

 Me and my henna tattoo, it will be gone by tomorrow I swear. The henna faded because I stayed in the water for too long. 

            • Top from Iconic
            • Maong shorts from Terranova
            • Flats from Bazaar


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