Orange and Quirky

Just got home from UPCAT review class. Hunger games is striking inside the classroom that day. Only three people bought food, the rest is starving.... Everybody looks funny when they try to ask each other for food. Luckily .. the boys tried to buy food from the nearest mini market.. AND THEY DID BROUGHT FOOD... I'M A HAPPY KID AGAIN..

Enough with stories, my outfit is so ORANGE-Y :) It's like a mixture of a neon orange skirt and a simple orange blazer. Perfection. 

 Another pair of fashionable clothes I got from a sale. SOOOO HAPPYYY indeed...

 The top is also one of my Hot Pick in H&M last 2 weeks. I can't really get over it. My first ever corset.

Wearing summer colors makes you feel so relaxed and inspired. Besides, wearing clothes with these colors will seek more attention :) WELL, IT'S WORTH IT..

            • Orange Blazer from Freeze
            • Wedges from Tatra
            • Pleated skirt from Freeze
            • Cuffs from H&M
            • Necklace from H&M


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