Loving You Is Red

I've already posted this outfit in Lookbook. Sorry for the late post in my blog, internet problems. 

So let's move on. Another Taylor Swift song inspired me. Red it is. I'm having so much fun wearing clothes with a touch of red. I mean who does not like red, it makes your skin look fairer because of its wicked color, for short, IT'S HOT HOT HOT. Especially for those who wears red lipstick, so gorgeous. 

As you see in this photo, I did use red lipstick. Anne Curtis ang peg. It's not that I'm trying to be like Anne, but red really gets anyone's attention. I admit, that in most of my outfit posts, I really don't like wearing heavy make up, sometimes I don't really wear make-up at all. But my dearest red lipstick might to the trick, in fact, my lips are kinda pale so I needed to. 
An open park in Riyadh, a place where I can wear casual clothing without abaya ( the black thingy ladies should wear when they are in public) 

The floral printed scarf is the thing that could put more colors into my outfit. Simple yet playful. So cute. 

 While taking my outfit photos, this group of children asked my father to take a picture of them with me. I don't even know why. I only saw them taking pictures of themselves near those stairs. Well, a picture with them will be a remembrance :)

This is a nice shot :)

              • Scarf from H&M
              • Red Skinny Jeans from H&M
              • Vintage Shoes from Ecco
              • Woven Hat from Bvlgari
              • Cuffs from Splash
              • Feather necklace from American Eagle

Hope you liked it <3


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