A glimpse of a Sophisticated Environment

Since I've started blogging a month ago.. I want to show you my Home town. It's actually a stolen shot, for  some people her in Riyadh doesn't want that much exposure especially when it comes to public places. 

I was born here in Riyadh, and spent my 16 years being spoiled to Riyadh's goodness. 
This is a clear shot of the Kingdom Tower, the tallest tower here in Riyadh, and going to it's top floor is one of my wishes. I will, SOMEDAY BABY. 

This is the place where we always tend to shop, it's full of branded clothing like, KOTON, H&M, NEW LOOK, ZARA and etc. Luckily, while everyone is having their Prayer time and that makes all the stores close for about 15-20 minutes, I did  take a picture of the other female shoppers. As you can see, they are all covered, but when you got that chance to see them without one, they are GORGEOUS. Sometimes you can see them inside bathrooms without those Abayas.

After the praying time, we requested PIZZA for dinner. The nearest pizza diner in that place is "The Pizza Company" an Italian pizzeria. They serve the most delicious and CHEESIEST pizza here in Riyadh. I am a pizza lover, I even dare myself to eat different kinds of pizza here in Riyadh as well other pizzas around the world. 

Fries for starters :)

And the White sauce seafood pasta for my mom.. 

After dinner, we strolled around, and go shopping in my Favorite stores. And guess what... NEW LOOK IS ON SALE.. got my next outfit post there. :)

So, I'll be introducing some other places here in Riyadh some other time.. Right now, only few pictures are taken due to Prohibition. :)


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