Dancin' Dancin Like we're made of Starlight

So inspired of Taylor Swift lately. So this day I put her song in action. Well, not literally in action, maybe this song just made me wear this outfit. A perfect song for a perfect outfit and for a perfect day indeed :)
I had this American Flag legging for about a month or two, I just don't know when I can wear it. Since It's the last week of our review classes, I decided to wear it out. No more hesitations. My classmates enjoyed singing the American national anthem while I walk because of my leggings. That was just hilarious.

Since my friends and I came to school early today, my friend took the photos for my outfit post. Credits to Evette Christine Gaela. Love lots hon :* your skills are just amazing. (a compliment over here Evette) 

 Ohhhh wedges, comfy, simple and stylish, even looks better than super high heels. I can't wear heels in school, no other option. hahaha. Those wedges looks like Tom's in a closer view. 

              • Denim Vest from Stradivarius
              • American Flag leggings from New Yorker
              • Metal cuff from Splash
              • Wedges from H&M

Hype this HERE 

Enjoy! Eid Mubarak for all my K.S.A Viewers :) Happy holidays :>


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