Bloggers United 5 Finally!

Missed Bloggers United 1, 2, 3, and 4, because I was in Riyadh. And nobody knows how desperate I am to go to the Philippines and see other famous bloggers. 
JUNE 1, 2013

The place was packed! Everyone was really ready to get their selves in their shopping mode. 

Magno's stand. Obviously because of the patterned sweaters, shoes and tops. Pattern kings I must say. 

Talk about free makeovers inside the venue.  GODIVA!

Guess who? It's Dani Baretto! She is gorgeous. And the accessories she's been selling are just edgy. Hoping to see more of her stuff on the next Bloggers United. 

Look! Aivan Magno's stand. Unfortunately, I haven't got a picture of myself with him yesterday. But I did have picture with his HANDSOME bro.
Them Pattern kings!

He was friendly and everything. Hoping to see him soon. Such a cutie! In love with this blogger. From outfit, to guts and attitude. Now a fan of the Magno Bros. Next time, I'll have a picture with AIVAN MAGNO! Straight to my bucketlist!

I actually waited for Camille Co to come in BU5. But unfortunately, I think I've been there early and she wasn't there yet. Good thing, we have the same shoe size and I enjoyed looking around her stand. 

Gorgeous girls! How can you stand next to perfection? Just so you know, they are so... I don't know.. BEAUTIFUL. And all I almost ever did is just stare at their faces. 
Hey! Maggie Wilson.

Look! It's Stephanie D. Classy as always. I so Love her.

Want to see someone awesome as he is?I think there's no one..... He rocks! He has the GUTS! 
The thing about this outfit, is that, every style is in it. Classy, edgy, comfy...ALL OF IT!

After the long wait... FINALLY!! I GET TO MEET KRYZ UY! I stared at her mainly when I saw her. I was so excited to have a picture with her. She's the reason why I wanted to go here in the Philippines from Riyadh... just to see her. 
She's perfect. 

So after strolling around, we got tired and tended to take pictures of ourselves instead. Well, I attended the BU5 with Ara (my pretty Buddy from Riyadh) and my 2 awesome cousins.

 On BU6 I'm hoping to see every famous blogger I know. Just please.

Went straight ahead to MOA afterwards to grab some lunch. 
Now, for the outfit I wore on BU5. Since, I've been blogging about my edgy style since day 1. I did wear something EDGY on the event as well. It's just me.

Violet and red.... gorgeous.
The maxi skirt minimizes my awkwardness walking in just short skirts. I must say, this outfit is really perfect for people who just love lurking around and still look good. 

The detail in the back is eye catching as well. Almost everyone who passes by me really turns their head. I think they never saw someone overdressed before. Hahaha. Well, I just went to BU5. What do you expect?

See the seahorse detail? Pretty right?
What do you think about my look?

              • Top from Centerpoint
              • Maxi Skirt
              • Suede red stilettos from  City Max
              • Dream catcher necklace from H&M
              • Round sunglasses from Jaded


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