A glimpse of a Sophisticated Environment part 2

It's been more than a week since I posted my last outfit post here in my blog. I was being busy, sorry about that

So, yesterday is so surprising. For the first time, my mom woke us up early in the morning to go somewhere. Every weekend, my mom doesn't bother waking us up till 12 noon, I'm used to it anyway. My mom wanted to relax yesterday that's why she decided to take an early stroll around the mall. Ok, most of the other bloggers are curious on how malls in Riyadh looks like, if you want to find out, then I'm your girl. I took a lot of pictures yesterday,since only number of people tend to go shopping early in the morning, unlike in the Philippines.

We went to Faisaliyah.... a popular mall in Riyadh, beside the mall is the Faisaliyah tower it is actually a hotel, the picture isn't really mine, but I just want to share the view of this awesome tower. 

Sorry about my hair, I haven't got time to fix it at home, well, I went out with wet hair, so I only fixed my hair  by the time I was already in the mall.

Since it's early in the morning, we didn't even ate breakfast, before strolling, we planned to eat first. The food we ate isn't really the typical morning breakfast we have everyday. MCDONALD'S & DAJEN for breakfast, satisfying. 
First stop, ALDO. Faisaliyah has this "Mega Days", it happens every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, it is a 3 day sale on every store inside the mall every week. :)

Next is Parfois, the perfect store for bags & accessories with very affordable prizes. Since I have this obsession of going to London, this bag really caught my eye. I REALLY WANT THIS BADLY, but it is  one of the new arrivals and it's not included on the sale.

This is Stradivarius, the store of wicked classy clothes. It seems like most of the clothes in tumblr has a copy in here, but with a different version. I got some stuff in here, I'm going to include those in my next outfit posts. 
And lastly is MISS SELFRIDGE.  those classy clothes that Camille Co wear = A+.

This is Toy town, the TIMEZONE there in the Philippines.. Why am I here? well it's not bad to feel      forever young right? and fyi, I didn't really went to those "rides", my sister did. 

there are many malls that has a more exaggerated ambiance than this. I'll take more pictures of other Riyadh places & malls when we'll have time :) 

FIN! keep visiting my blog, and be updated to my latest escapade in my environment.



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