Somehow Surviving

I have nothing left to do, since it's my last week of being away from school. So I did a little, fashion pictorial with my mom. I know she's a little busy, but I kept on bothering her to take a picture of me. 

Outfit Post: "Something Electrfying"

              • Mullet top- Splash Collection
              • Skirt- UMM
              • Necklace- Jaded
              • Ankle High Heels- Milano

I love how my mother took this pic. I was only walking around then tried to pull my top up to give a more wavy effect.

My sister was being influenced. hahaha. I told her to try wearing her best clothes and have a picture with me.  I'll put it online so better be pretty. SHE DID. :)


Made this an improved vacation :)


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