My Last Glimpse

I’m finally heading back home to my country, Philippines. It’s been a while since I've been there. Well, sad to say I’m not coming back to Riyadh anymore. I’ll have that feeling of miss for sure. Being in Riyadh for 16 years and moving to the Philippines to study, demands  a lot of adjustments. From time, people, and to the environment. Let’s see...

I must say, Dubai’s airport as our stop over is really just AWESOME! Their duty free and everything is just breath taking. Everything is just so classy, and all the people working in there and the passengers who are waiting for their flights to arrive are just too fashionable. 

Everything is available inside their airport. From souvenirs, fast food chains, and their relaxing lounges.
Of course, my outfit says it all. For a long flight of almost 12 hours, I have to wear something comfortable yet classy at the same time. Too bad the rest of my clothes are already packed. Luckily, a best friend of mine gave me this navy blue blouse that just coincidentally matched my cardigan and my pants. Voila! A perfect match.
My shoes are too comfy.
 Leather boots = matches with everything
I might wear this every time I'll be planning to walk for hours in the Philippines. For sure!

Glad to say I'll be back home! It's more fun in the Philippines :) See you soon Saudi Arabia.

              • Leather boots from H&M
              • Striped Cardigan from City max
              • Pants from Zara
              • Watch from Casio
              • Sunglasses from Jaded


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