Look Beyond the Imperfections

I left my blog for a while, I'm so sorry about that. Well, this month is really busy for us students in our school. Science month is really the climax of our school year. Well, since you've waited, here you go.
Who said you couldn't wear summer outfits in winter. Well,clothing is all about you, it's just in the matter of pick and wear. And since  you want to wear your summer outfits in the winter, just make sure you'll be pairing them with thick accessories or edgy stockings, that would be nice. Just make sure that when you're out you won't freeze yourself to death.

Knitwear = Warmth, perfect to keep your body from the freezing temperature outside yet you'll still be classy and preppy.

              • Shoes from Aldo
              • Heart printed Stockings from H&M
              • Shorts from Terranova
              • Knitted top 


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