Silhouette Of Black and White

Well,simplicity is beauty right. The Black and White is beauty as well. 
Here it is, another outfit post :) 
My outfit is all about the groove. I love my knee highs, well, I love wearing knee highs since I was a kid. It's just irreplaceable in my closet, and it goes with everything. Shorts, skinny jeans, skirts and dress. 
What I like about my outfit is that it's so classy. Who doesn't like black and white? It looks stunning.


Put a splash of chic to your outfit with your accessories. Here, because the lace is enough for me not to put necklaces or long earrings, I only used accessories on my arms and used rings as well.

What do you think? 
              • Skirt from Splash
              • Knee Highs from H&M
              • Lace Top from H&M
              • Rings from H&M


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