It's already winter here in K.S.A, it's time to bring out all of my winter clothes that I've never posted here and in lookbook :) Well, it's my first time to share my winter outfit post, for I only started blogging few months ago.

As you see, winter is all about confidence. It's the time of the year when people or other bloggers have fun  dressing up in a warm yet in a fashionable way. It's a bit difficult to rock outfits especially when it's freezing outdoors, but sometimes, we can find a way to avoid freezing situations :))

My outfit is simple, appropriate to the not so cold weather here in my second home and comfort ability. A long sleeve dress could just collab with the perfect sneaker wedges. LOVE.

A black beret will be off the hook to pair with this gorgeous dress. I mean, if you pair hats with a simple outfit, it seems to be more preppy and edgy :)

Finally, my sneaker wedges. If I could just tell you the whole epic story of mine just for me to have these wedges, it's kind of hysterical and embarrassing at the same time. But now, I finally have it. 

              • Sneaker Wedges from Kangaroo's
              • knee Highs from H&M
              • Tiger Printed Dress from Zara
              • Beret from Claire's
              • Round Sunglasses from Jaded


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