Color me With Hue

  My morning face in school. Messy hair tied in a messy bun. I guess that's the reason why my hair became so curly. 
Since, it's neither me nor my sister took my outfit shots, I decided to name my outfit photos with the name of my blog. 
Like the first picture. Taken by my beloved best friend.
(c) Evette
 My outfit focused on my not so girly side. Only the bow tie expressed the girly edge to my look. I love how the bow tie made my simple casual school outfit, perfect. It took me more than 20 minutes to find a simple accessory to make my school outfit a little classy. 
 My shoes? I go for flats every single day. Since I can't walk in school with heels. 

              • Polo from Lee Cooper
              • Oxfords 
              • Skinny Jeans from Zara
              • Bow Tie
Pictures taken by: 
Mr. Kess Manahan/ Sir Kess 
Thank you. 


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