I'm on the Black and White Zone

And I'm back to my blogging zone!
Sorry for not posting things in here for a while. Well, I've been busy with school lately, and I'm having a hard time coping up with everything in here, even though, it's been months.
So, since my Graphics class ended so early, and I got 3 more hours before my next class... I've been hanging out with my blogger friend from Mapua as well. Remember the last post I posted in here, Rafael's blog? Well, just so you know, we planned to do this shoot in Intramuros this morning, and it turned out to be definitely GREAT!

You know me, I wanted to mix and match outfits, rain or shine. I even wear stylish clothes in school. So today, here's what I got for you. 

Printed leggings matched with a wool sweater. OH YES! Who wouldn't think that this two isn't a perfect match.. hahah. 

The sweater is not really thick, so I can evidently wear it anytime.  
 Since the weather in Intramuros is partly cloudy and you won't know if it'll rain... I always wear sneakers or boots to school. Well, I consider it a part of my everyday outfit.
Just for you to know, my school doesn't have uniforms, that's why I can wear anything stylish inside the campus. (Well, it's not really that easy to think about what you're going to wear every single day) Hahah. 

              • Printed Leggings from Riyadh
              • Sneaker wedges from Kangaroo
              • Wool Sweater from H&M

As simple as that, you have now entered my world of school fashion.
What can I say? I'm an Architect in the making..... with a sense of style.

Aren't the shots awesome?
This was taken after a very long walk with my blogger friend and schoolmate Rafael Martinez. He's an engineer tho. Glad I met this guy in Mapua, an engineer with the guts of wearing awesome outfits. Credits to this guy! Check out his blog! and check out his outfit shots taken by yours truly <3


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